Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A visit from a friend and a survivor...

In December, 2008, a month after Eric was first diagnosed with Melanoma we got the news that the Sentinel Node Biopsy (the closest lymph node to the mole) came back positive.  Eric's Melanoma had spread to his lymph system.  I was sitting beside Eric's hospital bed after he had his lymph node dissection and came across his video when searching for Melanoma.  It brought tears to my eyes to watch someone go through the exact same thing we were going through.  It also gave us hope that Eric could survive Melanoma. There were so many similarities. Eric had the mole near his ankle and after the Sentinel Node Biopsy we also got the news that the Lymph Node contained Melanoma. Since then we've kept in contact with Jay. I really admire how he has devoted his life to bringing about awareness.  

Jay contacted me not long ago that he will be coming to New York to do media events.  One of the shows Jay will be on is the Stupid Cancer Show.  Jay asked if he could come see Eric!  We are so thrilled that Jay will be coming to visit and staying with us.  Jay is very involved with campaigning in Australia against Tanning Beds.  Please take the time to watch this video.

Visit Jay's Website at

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  1. hello
    I just found your blog and wanted to send you some big hugs to you. My mum has melanoma and just this last sunday was admitted to hospital as she had 2 brain tumours and was going downhill fast. she is in the hospital as I type waiting for another go on the gamma knife as they have found 4 more new tumours in her brain as well as the other 2. They will also do radiation on her brain and chemo too.

    I wanted to tell you how sorry I am you are going through this. I saw jay on tv when that show aired here (I live in australia) and cried my way through it. He just shared so much emotion in that show and is so fabulous for speaking out. We are a country of sunlovers down here but I've changed my ways since my mum's first diagnosis 4 years ago.

    big hugs and prayers to you and your family