Saturday, March 5, 2011

Melanoma Road Trip USA Visits Us!

Jay Allen and Clint Heal from Australia came to visit us as a part of their Melanoma Road Trip to the USA. We were the 2nd stop on their 18 day tour. Our local news, WDTN Channel 2, covered the story. We talked much more about Melanoma Awareness, but hopefully someone got the message that it's deadly.  They also have three videos on their video blog that talk about our journey over the years with Jay and our daughter, Samantha, discusses teens and tanning.

 You can visit their website at

Local cancer patient gets help from down under:

Our interview with Clint Heal about how we met Jay Allen in December, 2008.

Samantha talks about teens and tanning.

Eric says goodbye to Clint & Jay and sends out all Melanoma Fighters well wishes.

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